Breast Cancer Walk in Kent

IMG_4835bsmallToday we took my dog out for a nice, long walk in one of our beautiful Kent parks. It was gorgeous weather, probably one of the last really nice days we’ll get here this year. There are so many parks to pick from, but I thought my chances of seeing some nice, fall foliage would be good at Russell Road Park so that is where we headed.

Many of the trees hadn’t turned as much as I had hoped, but it was a lovely walk anyway.IMG_4819bsmall I took some silly photos of my dog, some artsy photos of the fall leaves, found a restaurant we want to come back and try, watched a group play volleyball, and of course Ginny the dog got to sniff till her heart’s content.

We were heading back to our car when we saw a bunch of people dressed in pink getting into their cars. Up ahead there was cheering from a small crowd. I went up to see what was going on and it turns out there was a Breast Cancer Walk here in Kent this weekend!

IMG_4846bsmallIt was put on by “Team Believe”, a group made up of Kent and Federal Way Weight Watchers groups. A group was cheering on the people still showing up at the end of the 5k walk along the Green River Trail. Many of them had on shirts with their motto: “Project LIFT (Live Inspired. Fight Together.).”

Organized by Debbie Hugo and Jeannie Best, this particular local event is part of a bigger collaboration between the American Cancer Society and Weight Watchers to inspire and guide breast cancer survivors who are struggling with unexpected weight gain that can occur post cancer treatment. The project’s goal this year is to raise $100,000 by October 31, with various “Making Strides IMG_4844bsmallAgainst Breast Cancer” events all over the country.

This one Kent event raised about $6000!

We went home feeling good not only about the fresh air and exercise we got, but about the great things people are doing right here in our hometown.

Go for a walk. Enjoy your community. There are 78 parks and recreation facilities here in Kent, plenty to keep you entertained year round. Who knows what surprises you’ll happen upon?


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