Black Diamond, Washington

I’ve driven through Black Diamond a million times, but have never actually stopped. For years people have told me about an amazing bookstore there. Even though I love bookstores, I just never got around to going. So I decided I was finally going to Baker Street Books. Pulling up my GPS and after a bit of research, I discovered that I missed my chance, Baker Street Books was no longer in business. Well, I reasoned, there were probably other things to see, so I’m going to go anyway. Seeing more than one mention of Black Diamond Bakery and it being on the same street the bookstore was, I set my GPS to the bakery.

IMG_3476b   Pulling up to Railroad Avenue, you first see a cute restored train station:The Black Diamond Museum ( I was lucky it was Thursday because they are only open on the weekends and one day during the work week, Thursday. The people running it were extremely friendly and helpful, happy to tell you stories of the artifacts and town. Some of the artifacts on display belonged to them! I just caught the tail end of a lecture being put on for a group of retired seniors and a homeschooling group.

After learning a bit about coal mining at the museum, I sauntered down Railroad Avenue. Beside the museum is Black Diamond Antiques & More, where Baker Street Books used to be ( It was fairly large and crammed full of every kind of antique you could want. IMG_3475bsmall

Next to that is the Smoke House and More ( No, not cigarettes, but smoked meats. It smelled heavenly with the smoker working right outside.

After that is a long building with several shops inside: a gift shop, an espresso bar, an ice cream shop, a juice bar and the famous Black Diamond Bakery and Restaurant ( The restaurant had cloth table coverings and a gorgeous view of a garden with the mountains behind it. Nevertheless it wasn’t super expensive, it had mid-range prices. It’s been there as a bakery since 1902! The hostess said on Friday nights they serve prime rib that people come from all around to eat. IMG_3478bThe espresso bar has “Jazz Nights in the Coffee Shop” on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 6:30- 9:00 pm.Tempting as that bakery case was, I put on a few pounds this winter, so I managed to resist, but from the smell, I’m sure they were delicious..

Across the street from the museum is Black Diamond Pizza & Deli (360-886-9217). I glanced inside and it is very warm and inviting. Besides the mouth watering smell of yeast and basil, it is decorated in warm wood and has good music on in the background.

I headed to other horizons after that, but from the feedback I’ve been getting online, I missed several good places so I will have to go back soon. What are your favorite places in Black Diamond?

-Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

March 10, 2016



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